Tues, July 10 on the coast in Guilford & Wed, July 11 on Candlewood Lake * 9:00am-5:00pm



Paddling Strokes & Skills

Sequencing for SUP Yoga Levels 1, 2 & 3

SUP Rescue Skills

Water & Craft Safety

Differences in Equipment & Transportation

Business of SUP Yoga

SUP YOGA requires you to go with the flow of the board providing an awesome core workout in beautiful natural settings.  Join Lara Ward, director of Lotus Gardens Yoga School & Heather Anselmi, owner of Downdog SUP Yoga on our floating yoga mats as we explore our balance on the water.  Experience what poses are simple and which are a challenge - you may be very surprised!  Come for yourself to enjoy and expand your personal practice or if you are planning to create your own SUP yoga classes.  This program will be on the beautiful Candlewood Lake and on the Shore in Guilford. 

Registration BYOB (Bring Your Own Board & Equipment) $315

Register need SUP and Equipment $465

REFRESHER Bring Your Own Equipment $50 (add $150 for equipment)

Requirements:  Must Hold an Adult Yoga Teacher Certification & Be Able to Swim. 

Equipment Required:  Board, Paddle, Flotation Device, Whistle & Anchor

COURSE FOR CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHERS ONLY! This link should NOT bring you to a paypal LOGIN page. If it does please contact us as the link is broken.




Balance your love of yoga teaching, floating & nature!