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Classes are taught by graduating students of Lotus Gardens 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. We ask you to complete a feedback form at the end of class. Please attend classes that ARE APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE! * Come on your own, or bring a friend. Come one - Come all it’s free! * Reservations recommended by clicking free fall classes

Natarajasana King Dancer Pose

Natarajasana King Dancer Pose


Noon - 1  Fold into Fall w/ Niccole In this mixed level, strong vinyasa class we will focus on grounding poses that allow us to turn inward. Practicing forward folds will help us to find the balance between ease and effort.  Knowledge of basic poses required.

1:15-2:15     Flow & Grow  w/ Clara This gentle flow will increase spinal flexion and extension. Leave this practice feeling taller and more confident.  Open to All!  

2:30-3:30   Face Your Fear w/ Julie This kundalini vinyasa hybrid class will encourage you to challenge yourself and your routine while you open your heart to creativity. Participants must have an intermediate level practice. 

 4:30-5:30   Leave it All Behind  w/ Danielle Detaching from your ego, embody a different attitude to find a new way to challenge yourself. Releasing your comfort zone, plant a new habit.  Preparing for the quiet.  Level 1 flow.

6:00-7:00  Relax Into Stillness w/ Jo This prop supported Restorative class will focus on passive stretches, breathing, and guided meditation as a means to explore our inner awareness.  Open to All!



11:30-12:30            Tracy’s Fit Flow This class is appropriate for all levels.  Instruction will be offered with modifications for Level 1 as will challenging poses for more advance students.

1:15-2:15     Finding Joy in the Small Moments w/Jess Active beginners to advanced yogis are invited to discover the small moments and how they can bring a sense of serenity. In this energetic vinyasa class  you will explore the idea of transformation through intention setting in your yoga practice. This class will remind you to enjoy the little things in life because they often bring the greatest joy.

2:30-3:30   Inhale Confidence Exhale Doubt!  w/ Jennifer K This multilevel vinyasa will build confidence and create a mind-body connection while working on balance and grounding heart opening.  You can do this!  Open to Fit Beginners or Those With Yoga Experience.

4:00-5:00  Listen to Your Heart  w/ Jenny R An all level yin practice focused on expressing compassion for yourself and all beings through guided meditation and a series of held heart opening postures. Open to All!

Ardha Chandrasana the Half-Moon Pose

Ardha Chandrasana the Half-Moon Pose