Thursday, Sept 28th at the Beautiful Jewish Community Center* 9 Rte 39 in Sherman

Prana is the life force energy within us all.  To yogis the movement of this energy is the path to an enlightened state of being.  Join Lara Ward, director of Lotus Gardens Yoga School through an introduction to the energetic system of prana (life force energy), nadis and chakras (energetic vessels and centers) and experience a practice to awaken and brighten this live energy.  A brief lecture on how this system works, followed by a deeply relaxing guided meditation will complete the experience.   Immediately following will be a traditional hatha yoga class based on the oldest known hatha yoga practices of breathing techniques and postures.  Come enjoy an afternoon of classic understandings of yoga. 

1:00-3:00pm Lecture and Meditation Experience $35

3:15-4:45 pm Traditional Hatha yoga practice $15

1:00-4:45 Both Lecture & Yoga Practice $45

Prana, Chakra, Meditation & Traditional Hatha Events


For centuries, as the sun rises so does the yoga practitioner who faces east and prepares their body, mind and spirit for the day.  Gracefully moving through 12 flowing postures known as the class Sun Salutation of Hatha Yoga.   Join Lara Ward, director of Lotus Gardens Yoga School as she guides you through12 basic postures, their sequence and flow to awaken your body and lift your spirits at the start of each day!

Sunday, Sept 17 5:15-7:15pm at Phoenix Yoga * 39 New Haven Rd * Seymour $35 * CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Thursday, Sept 28 3:00-5:00pm at the Jewish Community Center * 9 Route 39 * Sherman $35


Headstands for Health & A New Perspective

Thur, Oct 12 * 10:30-Noon

Location:  Jewish Center Sherman

9 Route 39 in Sherman

The glorious headstand has reigned for centuries as the king of yoga asanas.  It is an energizing and centering pose with benefits to the circulatory, lymphatic, skeletal, digestion and respiratory systems.  Practiced with it's mate, the calming shoulderstand, the added benefits are to the thyroid and parathyroid glands as well as alleviating tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. 

 If you have ever wondered how some people "pop up" into these postures effortlessly, this workshop will guide you to starting or improving your person inversion practice through step by step, safe practices for the first time or to take your pose to new levels.  We will learn how to properly and safely support the spine, neck and head.  This workshop is not appropriate for those: with eye pressure concerns, are pregnant, have high blood pressure, cervical herniation, stenosis or arthritis in the cervical spine.

Workshop Instructor Lara Ward, Lotus Gardens Director, E-RYT 500, LMT, CEUP

For Yoga Teachers:  this workshop is eligible for Yoga Alliance CEUs.

Cost $35.00 (plus tax).



A Brief Study of The Bhagavad Gita

Either:  Sunday, Oct 22 3:00-6:00 at Phoenix Yoga or

Thursday, Oct 19 1:00-4:00 at Jewish Community Center

This incredibly influential text is one of the early outlines of yoga as discipline.  This beautifully spiritual epic poem of a reluctant warrior on the doorstep of civil war is counseled by the Hindu Deity Vishnu’s as he answers the powerful question of why must he fight against those he loves.  The answers he is given are the basis of the traditional Hindu beliefs and the classic understanding of yoga as it developed in the culture of India.  We will read through a majority of this text, stopping to reflect, ask questions and understand how this may relate to our Modern yogic life amongst the daily battles of living our mortal existence.  Please bring a copy of the Bhagavad Gita (recommended translation Barbara Stoler Miller, yet all translations welcomed)

Pre-Registration $35 or On Site Registration $40

A Brief Reading of the Yoga Sutras

Either:  Sunday, Nov 11 3:00-6:00 at Phoenix Yoga or

Thursday, Oct 26 1:00-4:00 at Jewish Community Center


Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are said to be one the most important texts for Classic Yoga philosophy. His collection of wisdom and knowledge provides the philosophical yoga student with the centuries old lessons on how to reach an enlightened state of being and beyond. This program will be a shared reading with time to reflect, ask questions and understand this classic bible of yoga knowledge with time to see it from a modern yogi(ni) view.  Please bring a copy of the Yoga Sutras (recommended translation Satchidanda, yet all translations welcomed) or simply listen to the threads of knowledge as they originally were told in the oral traditions.  $35

Pre-Registration $35 or On Site Registration $40

Restorative Yoga

Either:  Sunday, Dec 9 11 5:30-7:00 at Phoenix Yoga or

Thursday, Nov 9 4:00-5:30 at Jewish Community Center

Be fully supported while calmly relaxing and opening the body in this rejuvenating practice.  We will embrace release for the common parts of us that may old tension.  Enjoy a gentle and nurturing practice for to brighten your spirits and energy level.  Feel free to bring your own props if you have them. 

 Pre-Registration $30 or On Site $40

Restorative Yoga SHERMAN
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