4 Yoga Teachers only!

All of the Following Workshops at BE Here Now Yoga Studio * 134 Elm St, Cheshire

Each Weekend $395 includes materials & Yoga Alliance 15 hour CEU confirmation

Restoration & Alignment

When: June 15 & 16 * 10:30-7:00

supta baddha with knee support.jpg

Seeing the alignment of clients in restorative poses is an art blended skillfully with the science of alignment. Learning the subtle positioning of supports while holding safe space allows each student to calmly center, enhance flexibility, open and relax away tensions. We will study the alignment and support options of 10 restorative postures, modifications, sequencing and of course enjoy teaching and practicing these deeply releasing poses.

This weekend is taught by Lotus Gardens Yoga School Director, Lara A. Ward, LMT & E-RYT 500. Registration closes June 13th (no drop ins!)

Restoration & Alignment June 15 & 16, 2019

Benefits of Yoga: Study of the Body Systems

When: July 20 & 21 * 10:30-7:00

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This course will reveal the most recent research studies on our nervous, endocrine, digestive and musculo-skeletal systems and how yoga techniques positively affect their major functions as well as understanding the contra-indications. We will playful review the body systems through an experiential weekend of learning, teaching and exploring.

Walk away from this weekend knowing more of the actual “why” yoga has these positive affects. Lara A. Ward, Lotus Gardens Yoga School Director, Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher of 25+ years will take you through the body with the focus on how yoga teachers will integrate this information into their teaching.

Register before July 18th - no drop ins!

Benefits of Yoga July 20 & 21, 2019

Yin & Meridians

When: Aug 17 & 18 * 10:30-7:00

Immerse into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga postures as we explore the sister of prana & nadis/chi & meridians. We will playful explore the meridian lines through our bodies, discuss the philosophy Meridian science for Yin Yoga, how Yin Yoga affects our soft tissue differently than traditional Hatha, and practice the postures of Yin Yoga. As yoga teachers, we will blend this knowledge to the art of sequencing and class design and inspiration to bring wonderful calm energizing Yin Yoga classes. Guided by Lara A. Ward, Lotus Gardens Yoga School Director, 20 year student of Karate, Massage Therapist and 25+ year Yoga Teacher will take you this amazing and vast subject focusing on integrated teaching yin yoga or yin blended classes.

Register before Aug 15th - no drop ins!

Yin Yoga Aug 17 & 18, 2019

Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers

When: Sept 21 & 22 * 10:30-7:00

Immerse into the ancient practices of Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurveda is the traditional medical science of modern day India. Embraced by today’s yoga community as the perfect blend to our path as yoga teachers passionate to help our clients to optimal health and well being. Rebecca Smith and Dayna Holi will guide you through the foundations of Ayurveda, exploration of our own constitution of the three doshas, how to keep ourselves in balance, and then share this ancient practice of health to our classes and clients.   Enjoy learning the properties of the doshas, their constitutions and how to sequence and teach effective yoga classes for them. 

Registration closes Sept 19th - no drop ins!

Ayurveda Sept 21 & 22, 2019

PreNatal to Menopause

When: Oct 19 & 20 * 10:30-7:00

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Yoga in the US is practiced by over 75% females. Taking a deeper look at the adaptive healthy life style with emphasis on the milestones of women's lives from child bearing years to menopause. Creating practices for the normal life cycles that at times may toss us off balance and how to gracefully (or not) transition through this changes. Explore the biological, emotional and spiritual health practices that have been passed yogini to yogini.

Registration closes Oct 9th - no drop ins!

Pre-Natal to Menopause Oct 10 & 11, 2019

Gender & Mental Health

When: Nov 16 & 17 * 10:30-7:00

Developing an inclusive Yoga Culture means more than placing a Namaste sign on the door. Offering yoga that helps students feel truly welcomed, respected, serene and balanced will be the focus of this weekend. Together we will take a reflective look at creating gender inclusive classes and yoga spaces that are truly open for all. This weekend will bring experts in the LGBTQX community to share their knowledge, help us, as yoga teachers, understand what truly inclusive language is, proper cuing and how to create a comfortable and welcoming space for all genders. Also a look at mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and addiction and how yoga has been proven to aid those who seek our teachings out. When our yoga yoga offerings meet client’s mental health needs, students continue to return class after class.  This weekend will be guided by Rebecca Smith. Registration required before Nov 14th - no drop ins

Gender & Mentall Health Nov 16 & 17, 2019

Senior Health for Graceful Aging

When: Dec 14 & 15 * 10:30-7:00


Ah aging gracefully! We hear how yoga will age us with ease but as yoga teachers, understand what the health issues are student may enter the yoga room allows us to better understand how we may support them. Or you may wish to offer Chair Yoga sessions for those less ambulatory or balance challenged. For this program, we will review basic anatomy appropriate for this course, defining the common aging conditions such as Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis, joint replacements, Parkinson’s disease and what the current research is for helping our students.  We will also learn how to work within senior facilities to create programs designed to bring the greatest benefit to seniors. This course will be taught by Lotus Gardens Yoga School Co -Directors Lara A. Ward, officially a senior by AARP standards, and yoga teacher of seniors and non-ambulatory clients for over 20 years and Rebecca Smith Recreational Therapy Masters Degree candidate.

Register before July 18th - no drop ins!

December 14 & 15, 2019 Chair & Senior Yoga


Art & Science of Sequencing

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Teaching vinyasa safely and intelligently involves blending refined cues, positive and clear language, create muscular engagement, open to proper alignment, and flow with seamless transitions in thought, breath, and asana.

As a yoga teacher, come prepared with your experience ready to take a fresh view of your classes. Leave refreshed and inspired ready to awaken your classes with revived direction to develop students resilience, strength, confidence and release in safe and well developed practices.

This weekend is skillfully taught by Lotus Gardens 500 hour Co-Director, Rebecca Smith, E-RYT 500.

Developing Your Private Clients & Hands On Assists

Whether working with group classes or private clients in the studio or private home, we create a deeper connection through assists and greater success with understanding goals. This weekend will blend a close look at creating a healthier Private Client business in conjunction with offering Assists for individuals within a private session or group classes.

To enhance your professional offerings, experienced teacher Rebecca Smith, while explore the three forms of alignment assists through touch and energy movement.  If you are a teacher who is comfortable with hands on assists or shy away, you will learn the theories of safe, effective and appropriate assists for clients. This weekend is designed to advance each teachers level of comfort with hands on assists, meeting each teachers current skill level and developing further.  Whether you are a flow, restorative or basic yoga teacher, we will help you deepen your offering of safe and effective adjustments.

This weekend is skillfully taught by Lotus Gardens 500 hour Co-Director, Rebecca Smith, E-RYT 500.