Lotus Gardens Yoga School 2017 Teacher Training


1. Thursdays 9-5:30 at Jewish Community Center, Sherman, CT

2.  1 Sat & Sun each month * at Phoenix Yoga in Seymour, CT

Dates below:

THURSDAYS Sept 28 - March 8 * 9am-5:30pm in the woods at the Beautiful Jewish Community Center * Sherman, CT

ELEMENT 1 Philosophy & Traditions: Sept 28, Oct 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov 2
ELEMENT 2 Asana & Sequencing: Nov 9, 16, *, 30, Dec 7, 14, 21, Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 (no classes Nov 22, Dec 28)
ELEMENT 3:Teach What You Luv: Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, March 1, 8, 15, 22

See Location Map Below!

1 SAT & SUN each month *  Sept 16 to June 10 * At the Fabulous Phoenix Yoga * 39 New Haven Rd * Seymour, CT

Saturdays10:15am-7:15pm & Sundays 10:30am-7:15pm

*note in Jan & Feb there are 2 Saturdays & 1 Sunday

ELEMENT 1 Philosophy & Traditions: Sept 16 & 17, Oct 21 & 22, Nov 11 & 12
ELEMENT 2 Asana & Sequencing: Dec 9 & 10, January 13 & 14, 27, February 10 & 11, 24, March 10 & 11
ELEMENT 3:Teach What You Luv:  April 14 & 15, May 19 & 20, June 9 & 10

See Location Map Below!


Sunday,  August 27 at * 1:45 at Phoenix Yoga & Wellness Center in Seymour (10:30 am class available) * see map below

Thursday, Sept 8 at the Jewish Community Center * 9 Rte 39 Sherman, CT10:30am (9am class available) * see map below

Can't make a these events?  Email Director Lara Ward, Call or Text 203 837 0122


Element 1: Tradition & Roots                         
History, Culture & Development                             
Kundalini, Prana, Chakras, Nadis, Mudras & Bandhas

Breathing & Cleansing Techniques
Relaxation, Meditation & the Nervous System

18 Traditional Hatha Poses & Classic Sun Salutation
Yoga Nidra
Sanskrit, Mantras, The Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita

Element 2: Asana & Sequencing
Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Yoga
2 Sun Salutations for Vinyasa Flow
Proper Alignment & Anatomy of 40 Postures
Art & Science of Sequencing
Postural Assessment & Hands On Assists
Smooth Transitions & Gentle Flows
Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga

Element 3: Teach What You Luv
Honing Your Cues
Teaching Beginners & Private Clients
Modifications for Various Levels
Business & Ethics

Lotus Gardens 200 Hr Teacher Training & Certifications (LGYS) is one of the first comparative study schools in the U.S. and Yoga Alliance approved in CT.  Our curriculum evolves with the needs of our ever blooming yoga community.  We focus on preparing our trainees to guide classes the best styles of yoga instructed today: Alignment Based, Traditional Hatha, Gentle, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Yoga Nidra.  LGYS has always taught trainees how to modify their yoga teaching to work with clients varying levels of conditioning and physical abilities.  We prepare you to teach private sessions as well as group classes from beginners to dedicated yoga clients.  

Our teacher training is offered in 3 elements; Tradition & Roots; Asana & Sequencing; and Teach What You Love. The three elements cover a minimum of 180 class room hours, plus 15 hours of self study and 4 or 8hours of class observation. 

REGISTRATION AFTER SEPT 12: $2,910 (+$184.78 tax = $3,039.78) includes deposit, books and manual! 

PAYMENT PLAN - 3 PAYMENTS of $818 (+tax): $2,954 (+ 187.58tax=$3,141.58) includes deposit, books and manual!  * other payment plan options available!  Contact us for details.


1. Download, complete & email your application or pickup/turn in your application at a class or Meet & Greet.   Applicants must have a minimum of one year yoga practice; home, studio or gym practice is acceptable. Consideration is made for those in compatible fields.  Please contact our office if you have questions regarding your eligibility before applying.  


2. Lara Ward, Director of LGYS, will contact you for a phone/personal interview to discuss your participation.  This is a great opportunity to discuss all questions you may have regarding your YTT journey. 

3. To Make Payment Please select from the pull down menu below OR send a check to Lotus Gardens, LLC 130 Indian Trail Rd, New Milford, CT 06776 * Do Not Forget CT sales tax * SAVE $25 pay by check or cash * please contact us for savings for payment plans!

200hr Tuition Options

4. Once deposit is made, your Commitment Letter is emailed outlining training information. 

5. After Sept 12 your YTT Books will be provided re sent to you on the first day of your journey!




"Every time I teach a Gentle Yoga Class I remember a coaching word or phrase from one of your Yoga Teacher Training Classes. You inspired me to reach into everything I've ever learned and intuitively teach so that the student has the optimum experience." Kathleen Greco

"You always pushed us to think and probe deeper into our studies and findings. I feel very grateful to have had you as a teacher!" Ela Legasse, co-owner Yoga Center of Collinsville & Natural Awakenings Hartford

"Thank you Lara for sharing your wonderful skills as a teacher, your patience and most of all your spirit. Thanks for a great experience. I hope to always have a piece of you in my life." Darlene Carmen

"I really admire Lara. She made the practice and training really fun." Missy Gregson

"Learning philosophies, Gita and Sturas opened a huge door for me.  I gained a better understanding of myself and honoring life."  Stephanie D'Aniello

"I don't think you left any stone unturned, you have equipped us with plenty of everything we'll need." Holly Gillotti

"I feel I am extremely well prepared thanks to the program.  The manual was excellent.  And the content and presentation were great."  Stephanie Mancini

"What an amazing foundation. I feel so fortunate to have had such a wonderfully comprehensive training." Elena Schreiber

"My biggest gain was coming to truly understand what it takes to be a good teacher. In large part, that example was learned through watching Lara. Also, the camaraderie with fellow students, sharing of ideas and experiences was so helpful in broadening my perceptions of teaching and yoga." Dorrie Dugan

"I am personally pleased to have completed the program. I learned so much about the history, anatomy, sequencing and philosophy of yoga. I want to continue to learn and grow with all that I have learned as a foundation. I feel my own practice has improved and I have an even greater appreciation for all who have taught me all that is involved." Trish Cannizzaro


"I am blessed to be a yoga teacher." Patty Oliviero

"This teacher training was more thought out and organized than most of my college classes. Lara, you changed my life in such a positive way! I definitely feel more complete as a woman. I am so grateful for all of your wonderful knowledge, compassion and love of yoga!" Trina Gustavson

"I gained a well-rounded description, and knowledge of yoga-philosophy, asanas and meditation. We did a lot of work on adjustments which will be very helpful in my teaching."  Laura Hartwig

"My knowledge of yoga, of the various branches and spiritual origins has been deepened dramatically.  The exploration of the muscles and skeletal structure will be invaluable."   Susan Linsley

"I feel that my yoga practice has progressed so many times over since starting this training."  Kate Forte

"I am thankful for all you taught me.  Wow so much deeper than the yoga I knew when I first stepped through the studio doors for training."  Becky Thomspon, LMT


"Now I know that yoga is a life style, not just a physical activity!" Lilia Wills, Owner Bliss Yoga


all photos taken during Lotus Gardens Yoga Teacher Training

all photos taken during Lotus Gardens Yoga Teacher Training

MAP BELOW TO the bright and sunny JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER in the woods at9 Route 39, Sherman, CT


MAP BELOW to the beautiful yoga community at PHOENIX YOGA 39 New Haven Road, Seymour CT

RYS 200.png





"I enjoyed every teacher, appreciated their different styles and learned so much from each professional." Sherri Sosensky

I cannot believe it's been 10 years since I took your teacher training. The time I spent in your wonderful program was truly a highlight of my life and will always remain so."  Gail Fiero

"I gained a better understanding of myself. I want to also express my deepest appreciation for all the hard work and time you gave us."  Beth Garrett

"I have been a stay at home Mom for 14 years so to do something for myself has been great.  It has given me more confidence outside the role of Mom.  Your course has enable me to grow and become a better person"  Amy Doyle"

I never thought I would have the confidence to teach, but you prepared me perfectly to gain that confidence. I love that we learned about many styles of yoga and can now follow whatever path we choose.” Elaina Weiser, Owner Blue Lotus Yoga

This program is phenomenal. I like the small intimate size.  I would absolutely recommend Lotus Gardens Training to others." Michelle Wenis

"Still teaching and LOVING it.  I am eternally grateful for you and your training program." Terri Jennings

"When I decided to take the YTT I looked around at different places and I'm so happy I chose this one."  Alex Attolino, LMT

"Thanks for a new beginning in my life."  Penny Cidri, Penny for Your Fitness

"I thank you for the wonderful training from you five years ago.  You gave me a strong practice that has stayed with me... I feel like I am teaching and learning every day. " BJ Mocarski

"This comparative approach makes it very valuable to make the best decision of what path to walk on as a teacher."  Cuahtemoc Dominquez

"This program gave me the tools to broaden my own practice and my teaching ability.  My love for yoga blossomed so much more than I thought possible. I feel like the program opened so many doors for me physically, mentally and spiritually." Bri Sherer

"I understand now how teaching others can reveal the truth of myself. " Joy Nagle

"I feel that through training with you, I developed a wonderful foundation of of knowledge that's continually growing, expanding and deepening." Charlie Berman, LMT

"Thank you for such a wonderful training. You are very real and have a gift in your teaching skills – especially for up-and-coming yoginis and yogis. You are firm but understanding and are a real inspiration to me." Marianne Adamo

"You truly are a gifted yoga teacher. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and heart with us all. Thank you for an incredible experience. In so many ways the journey has just begun." Gloria Swiger

"The knowledge conveyed really provided me with the confidence to teach something I love. Lots of personal insight came along with the information & practice." Andrea Sutton

"Very few other experiences in my life afforded so many lasting friendships, such a shift in my thinking and employment and such happy memories.  LOTUS GARDENS ROCKS!" Karin Terrebessy

"I particularly appreciated the vast knowledge and experience that Lara brought to the training." Nan Monochi

" I could not have asked for a better teacher." Suzanne Blum

"Wonderful people to share the journey with."  Anne Falcone

"I couldn't have picked a better program.  Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!" Maria Calo

"You truly changed my views on yoga and becoming a teacher.  You are a fantastic instructor and a great support system."Jennifer Lizotte

"This was an AMAZING experience!  I will forever be changed!" Jennifer Alfaro-Martinez

"I gained the body awareness I was missing!"  Kate O'Brien

"It was the best experience of my life."  Tracey O'hara

"I gained a deeper knowledge of what yoga truly means to me and others."  Jodi Mastriano, LMT

"What started out to be something to increase my knowledge about yoga turned out to be a life-changing experience. I believe I'm a better and calmer person because of it."  Maureen Consiglio

"I knew going into this program that I had made the right choice. It solidified my love for yoga and attributed to my confidence in teaching. Thank you!" Kristi Gunnarshaug