Therapeutic Massage & Reflexology

Therapeutic Massage is focused on releasing tension in the body due to over worked muscles using a combination of techniques.  Working together to improve your well being, Lara will find the right massage technique that is right to assist you in feeling your best.  Our options will be Swedish (long fluid motions), Deep Tissue (slow movements to the connective tissue), Neuromuscular Therapy (releasing the knots) and Acupressure Point (circular motions following meridian points) and Reflexology (pressure points in the hands and feet).  Hypo allergenic oils and butters are used to glide over the skin to improve circulation, move lymph, remove muscular waste, and decrease stress  improve overall health. 

Hand & Foot Reflexology is an ancient modality whereby pressure is placed on specific points in the feet to relieve tension.  Reflexology has been shown to increase relaxation, while decreasing anxiety and pain.   Hand Reflexology is excellent for surgeons, artists. dentists, mechanics and anyone who works with their hands. Foot reflexology is perfect for those on their feet all day as well as - well everyone!


Prenatal Massage is open to all pre & post-natal women approved by their physician/midwife to receive massage. 

Availability By Appointment in New Milford:

60 minutes $80
90 minutes $115

Email, Text or Call 203 837 0122 for Appointment Availability.

“I have been a longtime private yoga student with Lara Ward and have been anxiously awaiting the launch of her massage service. I have had massages fairly regularly all over the world, in hotels, spas and, through recommendations, in private session with experienced practitioners. I had one of my top three massages ever with Lara last weekend. It was the perfect blend of muscle work and firm but gentle massage with the result that I was completely invigorated and utterly relaxed at the end of my session. Lara's knowledge of the anatomy, especially muscles and joints from her many years as a yoga trainer, clearly distinguished her work from any other massage I have ever experienced.  I highly recommend Lara for both yoga instruction and massage. Besides her excellent work, she is friendly and professional.  My massage with Lara Ward was easily a 5 star experience.” – Susan Dwyer
“Very fluid, strong hands. Lara possess a relaxed confidence. Extremely satisfied and happy.”– Annette Keslinger
“Awesome relaxing massage.  I was very at ease.”– Kent Scates
“Loved how you focused on the areas I needed!”– Kristen Cashman
“Great flow, warm hands and safe feeling”– Stephanie Cruz