At Phoenix Yoga & Wellness

39 New Haven Rd (rte 67) Seymour

Classes are taught by graduating students of Lotus Gardens 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. We ask you to complete a feedback form at the end of class. Please attend classes that FIT YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE! * Bring a mat (we have some to share if you don’t) * Reservations recommended by clicking:



11:30-12:30 * Welcoming Summer Flow * Kristie

Come celebrate the upcoming summer equinox with this energizing flow.  This class provides a basis for those with beginner yoga experience but also offers a strong foundation flow to those who are more advanced.  Join Kristie in this moderately paced vinyasa practice as we connect breath to movement.


12:45-1:45 * Ocean Flow Vinyasa * Sarah

Dive into the Water Element while exploring fluidity as we tune into physical and subtle attributes of water during this energetically nourishing class designed to open the hips. Explore dynamic liquid movements which seek to cultivate inner creativity, strength and power while mindfully flowing through poses. Fluid movements lubricate joints throughout the body and support increased spinal mobility, range of motion and balance. Step into the flow and ride the waves!  This class is for fit beginners to intermediates. 


2:00-3:00 * Self-Reflection * Nancy

This class is designed to be a calming and self-reflective experience though concentration on forward bends. Energetically, the asanas will activate the physical body and create a sense of calm to soothe the mind. Yogis will be encouraged to move intuitively to maintain the feelings of safety that forward bends can evoke. This class is for advanced beginners.


3:15-4:15 Vitality Vinyasa * Ashley

Come challenge yourself and let go of the attachment to results in this invigorating flow series.  Ashley has designed your class to awaken and energize both body and mind. We will flow into balance and move with meaning to find peace, love, and appreciation in all that our body is capable of! A strong class not suitable for deconditioned beginners.


4:30-5:30 Mythological Adventure Thru Yoga * Kira

Meld movement and Hindu mythology for the ultimate mind-body connection.  Learn the true intentions behind a collection of yoga poses inspired by Shive, the destroyer.  This class is for advanced beginner to intermediate students. 


6:00-7:00 Cultivate Self Compassion * Kristina

Join us for a gentle yoga class where poses (asana) will encourage the opening of your heart chakra (anahata) and help you cultivate self-compassion and self-acceptance.  Students in larger bodies are welcome and modifications will be offered for your comfort.  Please note this class requires ambulatory ability to transition from the floor  to standing.    




12:00-1:00 Sunflower Awakening * Andrea

Awaken your sunflower within through stretches and twists, slow flow and balances, meditation and relaxation.  Offering a safe inviting space to strengthen your roots. See where your blossoming sunflower takes you.   Open to beginners to intermediates.


1:15-2:15 * Vin Yin Blend * Nicole

Your time with Nicole, will begin with a vinyasa series connecting breath with mindful movement to release stress and tension. The first 40 minutes will build heat with strengthening and balancing poses to allow quieting of the body and mind for the yin portion of class. These longer held poses will create relaxation and space to purify the energy body. 


2:30-3:30 * Go with the Gentle Flow * Shannon

Looking for a gentle flow to continue your new yoga practice?  Or looking to slow down and return to your roots?  Come join us for one hour long designed to build strength and flexibility and just go with the flow


3:45-4:45 * Energy Flow * Daniela

Find your center between effort and ease in this slow Vinyasa flow.  Calm your mind and root your energy while keeping your heart open.  Deepen your Yoga practice and discover the right balance between strength and flexibility. This class is suitable for fit beginners to intermediates. 


5:00-6:00 * POSTPONED * TBA