Studio: ah! Yoga * 65 Bank Street New Milford

Classes are taught by graduating students of Lotus Gardens 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. We ask you to complete a feedback form at the end of class. Please attend classes that ARE APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE! * Come on your own, or bring a friend. Come on - Come all it’s free! * Reservations recommended by clicking JUNE 8 & 9

Vinaysa to Welcome the Summer with Ashleigh (date & time to be determined)

Fast paced flow to embrace the sun and prepare your heart, mind and body for the summer months.  Focused on heart opening, core strengthening and foundational balance.  This student led class is appropriate for intermediate students.

Natarajasana King Dancer Pose

Natarajasana King Dancer Pose


 11:30-12:30   Loving the “Sol” with Daz * Summer solstice is almost here: the perfect time to open your solar plexus chakra. Join Daz as we slow flow into shining your brightest. This student led class is appropriate for those with yoga experience to intermediate.

1:00-2:00 Hummingbird Sound Yoga: Take the Journey with Bobbi * Explore your unique voice.   Find the powerful medicine for healing and self-compassion.  Learn how simple humming can enhance your well being and reduce stress using play to ground your voice and sound.  This student led class is appropriate for Everyone!

3:30-4:30 Restorative for Body and Spirit with Martha * This is a peaceful meditative class that uses passive stretching to find gentle opening in the body and new space in your mind and heart.  This student led class is appropriate for everyone!

5:30-6:30 Mindful Vinyasa Flow with Tanya * Awaken the body and soul, build up strength, flexibility and mental focus through a series of asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing).  A challenging sequence of Sun Salutations and standing postures will build heat in the body necessary for strengthening both body and mind. This student led class is appropriate for fit beginners.



 12:00 – 1:00 Adventure to King Dancer with Gail * This practice focuses on balance, strength and mental focus as we build towards Natarajasana (king dancer pose).  Achievement of this pose comes through heart opening, stretching the abdominals and thighs and finding balance!  This student led class is appropriate for strong beginners to intermediate.

 1:30-2:30 Yinyasa with Pam * Beginning with movement and flow of vinyasa to warm up and calm the body and mind in preparation for the stillness and stretch of yin. This student led class is appropriate for those with some yoga experience.

Ardha Chandrasana the Half-Moon Pose

Ardha Chandrasana the Half-Moon Pose

3:00-4:00 Tune into Summer with Slow Flow Yoga with Joana * A series of vinyasa gently guiding you to Half-Moon pose.  Balance and flow with your sun and moon energies.  Ride the wave, build heat and relax deeply. This student led class is appropriate for fit beginners.

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