SUMMER YIN BALANCE & 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Info Session





Sat, June 16 11am-12:15

500 Hour YTT info Session immediately following


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heat of summer is a time to steady the fires of the Heart and Digestion. We will blend Yoga, Mindfulness and the Flow of Chi into a calming yin practice centered on opening the chest, shoulders, and neck while learning the two spotlighted meridian channels, their points and how attention to the flow can balance our well being!

Join Lara A. Ward, Director of Lotus Gardens Yoga School (500 E-RYT & LMT) for a 75-minute Yin Yoga practice to honor our energy's journey through the body.
This donation-based class is open to any regular practitioners and yoga teachers, particularly those interested in taking Lotus Garden’s 200 or 300/500 Hour YTT in Fall 2018! Trainings will be held at the beautiful BE HERE NOW YOGA STUDIO 134 Elm St, Cheshire CT

The 300 hour YTT is, one weekend a month beginning in October, 2018.  Following this class, Lara will stay to share info, answer questions, see the studio, discuss curriculum in depth and get to know you and your needs.

Lotus Gardens 300 Hour covers anatomy thoroughly, a diverse range of advanced mini trainings such as Yin, Chair, and Yoga for PTSD, teaching tools such as sequencing and the business of yoga as a career, and life wellness topics such as Ayurveda and Sound Healing. Check out more at and/or in person with Lara after this class!

Lara is passionate about helping Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators who care for orphaned and injured animals. Contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator if an animal is in need. And please remember:

* Spring is a time fawns and bunnies are scentless so moms, who are nearby and may not be seen for many hours, leave them hidden for own safety.  If you find babies, leave them alone and watch to be sure they are truly abandoned for up to a day before rescuing.  If the baby is crying then intervene by calling a rehabilitator.

* Baby birds who have fallen from the nest can be returned (wear gloves). When a fledgling is ready to fly, they may spend a few hours hoping on the ground chirping while their parents coax them into flight.

*Watch for slow moving turtles on the road! And if you are helping a turtle cross, always keep them going in the direction they were headed in. Their instinct requires them to go to the same spot they were born and they will do anything, including crossing major highways, to get there and back.    

*Please remember, never take wildlife from their habitat!

FOR YTTs  class may count for 1 CEU for YA






For info to study yoga in-depth join our yoga teacher training 200 hour basic yoga teacher or our 300 hour advanced yoga teacher trainnings!